Giving back

Antonio Ramblés
Antonio Ramblés

I’ve had the good fortune to benefit from exchanging  critical feedback with some of the Ribera’s most prolific authors, but I’ve suspected on many occasions that the greater benefit was too often mine.

The concept of RiberasAuthors grew out of my search for a more meaningful “give back”, and it addresses a critical need widely shared by authors, but largely unmet:

Most self-published authors rarely sell more than 200 copies of any title, and the Ribera’s English language writers have a far more limited local market for their work than most. 

RiberasAuthors is solely dedicated to keeping its writers’ books in front of online shoppers with a focus on generating sustained sales.  It serves as an online hub for the creation and targeted circulation of publicity about Riberas Authors and their Amazon books.  Its simplifies the task of online promotion for writers who lack marketing experience or online expertise.

Whether you know any of the Riberas Authors as a fan, or as a writer who has benefitted from their advice or example, they are worthy and appreciative of your support.  Please Share and Comment on RiberasAuthors posts whenever and wherever you see them, and help to spread the word.