Basics: Amazon Authors Pages

Advice for Lakeside’s Amazon-published authors…

A click on most Amazon authors’ book bylines (paperback and Kindle) takes readers to the writer’s Author’s Page, a free service for which any author who’s published a book on Amazon’s CreateSpace or Kindle platforms is automatically eligible.

If your byline on Amazon does not appear in blue type, your title is not linked to an Amazon Author’s Page… and that’s not a good thing.

Any Amazon writer who lacks an Author’s Page is effectively offering his/her work on the bookshelves of a store with its street-facing windows blacked out. 

  • You’re no more than a byline on Amazon without it. Authors’ biographical info which typically appears on a page within the text or on a paperback’s back cover (or)… is accessible only to those who have already purchased your book.
  • An Author’s Page builds each writer’s “brand”. Biographical text with photo is an opportunity to boost author credibility and enhance interest in published work by relating the author’s life experience to his/her writing themes.  It personalizes a relationship with fans who are unlikely to ever meet the author in person.
  • It’s each author’s one-stop storefront. For authors of more than one Amazon book, an Author’s Page is also the one place where your entire body of work – and yours only – is presented to anyone shopping Amazon for one of your titles.  (Here’s an example.)  It helps Amazon customers who have misremembered or mistyped your title to find you without sorting through search results that produce a long a list of books with similar titles or by authors with similar names.

If you don’t yet have an Author’s Page and need help creating one, you can request help through this site’s  Contact page.

If your Author’s Page lacks either your photo or biographical text, take a moment to finish the job. Photo should be a mug shot (ideally 300 dpi or greater).

BTW… your completed Amazon Author’s Page automatically qualifies you for an Authors Gallery listing, linked to a your dedicated page (here’s an example) on