Basics: Social Media

Social media affords self-published authors access to a ready-made, cost-free promotional vehicle that:

  • Social media subscriber rankingTaps into others’ networks. Leverages the impact of friends/family/colleagues by allowing them to quickly and easily share the message with their friends/family/colleagues.
  • Drives viewers directly to Amazon. Affords audiences one-click (linked) access to each book’s Amazon storefront or the writer’s Amazon Author Page.
  • Can be employed effectively using no more than three vehicles. The chart to the right lists the most widely used social networking platforms ranked by number of users as of November, 2017.  These are particularly noteworthy:


More than 200 million Facebook users speak English as their primary language including more than 40% of adult population in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong. 

Facebook also affords access to pages which focus on book-relevant content, and around which ongoing marketing programs can be readily built.  Not all of these pages allow public posting, and many are closed groups for which admission must first be requested/approved prior as a precondition of posting.

Those concerned by the recently publicized hacking of Facebook data can withhold the posting of personal data and/or apply their Facebook settings to keep their data private.


A great platform for distributing videos of authors’ readings.  Here’s an example featuring the late Jim Tipton.


Can be employed to present book cover art and/or artwork contained within a book.


This online platform has a small user base, but because of its workplace focus tends to deliver audiences unavailable on Facebook.