Joyce Wycoff

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Joyce Wycoff

I’m beginning to feel like a cat, counting my lives, each one as surprising as the last.

All of us are multifaceted, unending mysteries and “this stage of life” offers me the creamy luxury of time to explore the world and then capture my impressions in words, photos and digital art. Writing and making art is one of my most beloved ways of connecting with the world and with myself, the pieces of myself that often hide in corners and don’t come out except in writing and art.

Life is the constantly shifting play of light that reveals new pieces of ourselves, both good and bad, wanted and unwanted. As a writer, photographer and digital artist, I am constantly trying to capture that light in words and images, and especially through stories that help us understand who we are and how to make sense of the magical, mystical world we live in. That has never been truer than now when so many of us are trying to figure out “this stage of life.”

Last year I moved to Ajijic, on Lake Chapala, the largest lake in México and have been exploring this amazingly diverse, beautiful, and colorful country. Hope to connect with you on this adventure.

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