Zofia Barisas

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Zofia Barisas

My stories mostly take place in a shifting internal landscape and explore feeling states triggered by experiences in the outer world. The intention is to pass no judgment and to allocate no blame but rather to show a collective suffering of which we all are part. If at times I appear to judge and blame it merely shows that I have not yet reached the understanding that I’m seeking, and that I’m in error.

Everything in my stories is both illusion and reality, which reflects a personal view of the world. A recurring theme is how we are shaped by unquestioned passed on teachings and whether free will exists.

I write from a driving impulse to search for truth and to understand. There is no intention on my part to offend anyone whose beliefs are different from mine.

Some of the stories in The Woman Who Thought She Loved Men are in the first person. All are fiction. They deal with relationships in all their variety, encompassing rape, injustice, love, abortion, violence, compassion, understanding, longing, travel, acceptance, senility, illness, dying. Through it all runs the weight of ‘woman’s place’ and of ‘man’s place’ as taught by the church and the legal system and tradition and how this affects lives. The answer to the old question of what do women want is very simple: autonomy.

I was born in Montreal to parents who had emigrated from Lithuania before WW2. I married a ship’s officer from Yorkshire, England, and had three sons with him. I now live in a Mexican village between the Sierra Madre and Lake Chapala.

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