2nd Wednesday: March 13, 2PM

Riberas Authors’ 2nd WEDNESDAY series presents the area’s best in books, visual art, and musical performances to the public.  Each month celebrates a different author, visual artist, and musician in a the garden setting of the Lake Chapala Society’s South Campus (map here).  Hear local authors read from their work, and learn about the experiences which have influenced it.

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Judy King | Echoes From The Wall

Echoes From The Wall front cover onlyPlenty of villagers along the Ribera have at one time or another lived and worked in the States, or have family – including children and grandchildren – born in the U.S.

Many now returned to Mexico were the victims of joblessness spawned by the 2008 recession, and others of U.S. immigration law enforcement.  Some of their stories are among those which appear in Judy King’s just-released work Echoes from the Wall:  Real Stories of Mexican Migrant.

Judy King mug
Judy King

In Echoes, the author has built upon her collection of oral histories to animate a deep dive into the cultural, economic, and legal context of Mexican migration.   It’s a revealing, nothing-but-the-facts account of U.S. immigration law, processes, and enforcement presented from a rare viewpoint and written in straightforward prose that reflects King’s experience as a journalist. A long-time resident of Mexico, Judy’s exploration of the immigration issue reflects a sensitivity to the Mexican experience which often escapes foreign journalists.

Read more about Judy and her other books here.

Bev Kephart

Bev Kephart

Bev Kephart previously taught art in Sedona, AZ, and her works in watercolor, colored pencil and oil have earned national awards.

Her art often features children.

More about Bev and her art here.

Jeri_inPeru-LG (1)

‘Jeri In Peru” by Bev Kephart

Ivan Olivares

1934877_1080184025348027_8913906784412215322_nClassical guitarist Ivan Olivares studied music and composition at the University of Guadalajara.

He is also an accomplished violinist.

Four takes on expat life in Mexico

More than 10,000 Americans and Canadians have chosen to live permanently along the shores of Mexico’s Lake Chapala, begging for everyone else the questions of what motivates them to leave lifelong homes, and what they have sought – and found – in their new lives south of the border.

Fortunately, those who may be considering such a move – or are who newly arrived – can draw upon the experiences and observations of the area’s resident writers for authentic insight.

Presented here are four books chock full of personal accounts written from different perspectives and in different voices.  Some are nuts-and-bolts tutorials on life in Mexico, and others delve into the psyche of foreigners who have chosen to live abroad.  In combination they serve up a full mosaic of expat life in contemporary Mexico.

These are the true stories of real people who have already made the move.

Baby Boomer coverBaby Boomers: Reinvent Your Retirement in Mexico.  This book by Karen Blue is a collection of accounts by expats who have found in Lake Chapala way to fill their lives with passion and purpose, and to cultivate their full potential.

It doesn’t focus on the wheres, the whats and the hows as much as it invites the reader to immerse him/herself in the expat mindset.  Find it here on Amazon.

Head for Mexico cover

Head for Mexico: The Renegade Guide.  This book was edited by Teresa Kendrick, who is also the author of a guidebook to the Lake Chapala area, and Karen Blue and Judy King are among its contributors.  This book offers readers comprehensive information needed to make an informed decision about moving to Mexico.   Find it here on Amazon.

Living At Lake Chapala coverLiving at Lake Chapala.  This guide to everyday living at Lake Chapala draws upon Judy King’s years of explorations, inquiries, and writings about local village life.

She leads readers through the what, where, how and why of everyday life in this part of Mexico.  She offers up tips and advice about how to accept and embrace the many cultural distinctions that make Mexico such a fascinating place.

This is not only a book to read before arrival, but one to keep for reference after arrival.

Find it here on Amazon.

Midlife Mavericks coverMidlife Mavericks: Women Reinventing Their Lives in Mexico.  This book, also by Karen Blue, does not suggest that moving to Mexico is for every woman, but it does present it as a viable consideration for those experiencing or desiring  significant change in their lives.

For some, change means a readiness  to shed the trappings of corporate life and consumerism for a simpler existence.

Others are victims of economic happenstance that has left them no other choice.  And some are simply unwilling to further postpone dreams of a breakout adventure which has sustained them through otherwise uneventful lives.

Find it here on Amazon.

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Spotlight: Author Judy King

Judy King mug
Judy King

Many among Lake Chapala’s colony of English language writers connected with their muses only after retiring in Mexico.

Judy King, though, is one of a handful who have lived and worked in Mexico for much of their adult lives.   It’s no surprise, then, that much of her written work shares knowledge and experience gleaned from nearly thirty years of life as an expat.

Living At Lake ChapalaHer first book, Living at Lake Chapala (find it here on Amazon), is a popular handbook for those making the cultural transition.

Judy bring to her books a craftsmanship honed during her career as a journalist.  Her articles have appeared in dozens of newspapers and magazines in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.  She also published the widely read e-zine Mexico Insights for twelve years and served as Editor-in-Chief at the Lake Chapala Review.

Head For MexicoHer work is featured in  Head For Mexico:  The Renegade Guide (here on Amazon).

She is also one of several local contributors to the award-winning anthology Mexico:  Sunlight & Shadows (here on Amazon). Mexico Sunlight & Shadows


Judy is currently working on a new book scheduled for release early in 2019.

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