Writers’ love affair with Lake Chapala

The shores of Mexico’s Lake Chapala have been a retreat for English language writers for nearly a century.  It was here that D.H. Lawrence was inspired to write The Plumed Serpent, and that Somerset Maugham completed The Razor’s Edge. It was also here that Tennessee Williams wrote a piece which he eventually reworked into A Streetcar Named Desire.  New York Times best-selling author Barbara Bickmore wrote two books while living here. Neill James’ book Dust on My Heart chronicles life in the lakeside village of Ajijic.

Lake Chapala 03
Mexico’s Lake Chapala

In the past decade, Lake Chapala writers have published over 150 Amazon books including novels, memoirs, and collections of short stories and poetry.  Today, many of these authors share their knowledge with emerging writers in a variety of  local writers’ groups and workshops, which include venues dedicated to  poetry, novels, and short stories.

Each year, the Lake Chapala Writers’ Conference features expert speakers who share their experience on every aspect of writing from crafting works to marketing them.

More about Lake Chapala’s rich literary history, including D. H. Lawrence and Tennessee Williams here.

Lake Chapala legacy authors

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